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Dear Friend,

We were so fed up with not having enough money for the things that makes life a pleasure. So we decided to get active and do something about it. This is what we decided was important to us:

  • Flexible work, decide you own hours/holidays
  • Work from home, not having to sit in traffic
  • Immediate income potential
  • Active support
  • Potential for profit
  • Tax benefits
  • Does not affect current occupation

It had to be a business. Let me explain that. Look at the top 5% earners in any country. Are they employees or business owners? Apart from a few lucky ones, pop stars and people who inherited their wealth, most of these top 5% earners are business owners. Do they know something that 95% of the people don't?

A business can earn you money even if you're not working. You leverage your efforts with other peoples efforts. But there are some drawbacks:

  • Risk hard-earned savings
  • Work incredibly hard to get it off the ground
  • Wait months/years for the break-even point
  • Have rent, rates and overhead
  • Deal with employees
 Earn money while you are not working

So we stumbled across this opportunity and thought: "is this real?". We got started anyway and earned £223 in our first month in the business. We work independently but are backed by a company with over £500 million pound sales and a healthy profit. They are a major British PLC. However most importantly is that the company delivers your products, pays you money on time and deals with refunds and accounts online in a very professional manner.

Andy & ClaireImcome for four weeks

Working the business 10  years

The figures shown are in £££'s and are earnings for a four week period.

Fantastic sales and incomeDo people buy our products?

Here is Jun, take a look at his personal retail in October 2007

Week 1  £1,984.89
Week 2   £1,707.98
Week 3   £2,964.13
Week 4   £2,652.64

Profit: £3444.56 (in 4 weeks, and he just started 3 months ago)

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